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Melanie Markes

Legal Secretary

Introducing Melanie: The Gateway to Legal Excellence at Melbourne Lawyers & Mediators. A legal secretary with a Bachelor in Criminology and a passion for justice, she's the welcoming first contact for clients, dedicated to supporting our legal team while furthering her legal studies.

Melanie is our legal secretary at Melbourne Lawyers and Mediators. She is the first point of contact for our clients and service providers. She has a passion for the law which drives her career aspirations and quality of service.

In 2021, she graduated with a Bachelor of Criminology, providing her with a comprehensive understanding of the intricate dynamics of criminal behaviour and the societal factors that shape it.

Throughout her studies, she became deeply committed to seeking justice and fairness within our legal system. Building upon her criminology background she is currently pursuing a Juris Doctor degree whilst working as a legal secretary to gain solid foundations for her future legal career.

Melanie is keen to make a contribution by providing quality support to our team of lawyers and clients while they navigate the legal system. She assists by managing an arrays of tasks that our vital to the operations of MLM.

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