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Sumeyye Tercan


Meet Sumeyye Tercan: A Bilingual Beacon in Criminal and Family Law. Graduated from La Trobe University, she brings a client-centric approach, blending compassionate legal service with precise, result-oriented advice. Fluent in Turkish, Sumeyye's dedication is to positively impact her clients' lives.

Sumeyye is a bilingual Australian Legal Practitioner. She has completed her Bachelor of Laws and Commerce (majoring in Management) at La Trobe University.

Sumeyye was admitted as a legal practitioner and registered with the Practitioners’ Registry of the High Court of Australia enabling her to practice in all State and Federal jurisdictions.

Sumeyye is a talented and passionate lawyer practicing in Criminal Law and Family Law. Sumeyye’s interests towards her practice areas have emerged from a focal point; her mission to make a meaningful and positive impact in the lives of her clients.

Sumeyye is a client-centric legal practitioner who approaches her client’s matters with the upmost compassion, sensitivity and confidentiality. She has excellent legal research and analysis skills and is able to provide her clients with precise legal advice which is result oriented.

In addition to English, Sumeyye is fluent in the Turkish language. Sumeyye is now available to take appointments online via LawConnect Appointment.

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