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In the landscape of family law, Melbourne Lawyers & Mediators stands as a beacon of hope and expertise. Our commitment is to guide you through life's toughest moments with compassion, professionalism, and a deep understanding of your needs, ensuring a fair and just resolution in every case.

At Melbourne Lawyers and Mediators, we’ve seen it all. So, we know what it feels like and exactly how to help.  Our team of experienced, professional, and friendly lawyers understands how you feel when you realise you need help – and we are here for you.

Melbourne Lawyers & Mediators provide assistance for a range of family law matters from family property disputes to separation or divorce and parenting arrangements. Our commitment is to make your experience as stress-free as possible and that your property and assets are protected as much as possible.
Relationship breakdowns are challenging and emotional – we provide a steady hand to guide you through.
There are three aspects to consider in Family Law matters: Divorce/ separation, child custody or parenting, and property settlement.

There are three aspects to consider in Family Law matters: Divorce/ separation, child custody or parenting, and property settlement.

Separations and divorces are often messy. It’s the unfortunate reality of relationship breakdowns. People may be vulnerable to financial abuse or pressured into an unfair settlement. At Melbourne Lawyers & Mediators, we fight fair and make sure you get everything you are entitled to including financial adjustments in your fervor and provision for future needs.

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Child custody is a deeply personal and emotional issue. We understand how difficult it can be for children when their parents are divorcing and strive to ensure that parenting arrangements are made in the best interests of the children and suit all parties involved. Our experienced and compassionate family lawyers are committed to making your child’s well-being the top priority.

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Division of property, assets, and finance during a divorce or separation can be confusing, challenging, and emotional. We strive to ensure all people involved are awarded a just and equitable settlement.

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Family Violence

If you are experiencing family violence – we can help. Melbourne Lawyers & Mediators adopts a compassionate and caring approach when dealing with clients who have been abused. We understand that this in an extremely traumatic, emotional and stressful time. Our solicitors are highly skilled family violence practitioners whose priority is client safety and welfare.

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