The Australian Government has announced new and extended Visa options to students and skilled workers from Hong Kong, helping these people to remain in Australia with pathways to a permanent future ‘Down Under’.

From now on, current and future students  will be eligible for a 5 year Temporary Graduate Visa (“TGV”) once they complete their tertiary studies: this means that TGV holders can achieve the required level of employment experience to enable them to be eligible for a Skilled Visa.

In the alternative, at the end of the TGV, other pathways to Permanent Residency will be available from the Department of Home Affairs.

Future Temporary Skilled Visa applicants from Hong Kong will be eligible for a 5 year Visa if:

  • They have qualifications on the occupational skills lists and meet the Labour Market Testing requirements; or
  • They meet the criteria for ‘Exceptional Talent’ where the sponsoring employer pays above $153,600.

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We offer competitive rates, ongoing support and welcome this initiative by the Department of Home Affairs in supporting members of our Hong Kong community.

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