We would like to thank the Muslim Legal Network and the Law Institute of Victoria for inviting us to join an enlightening and entertaining panel discussion on how to rank as one of the top candidates for a job position in the legal field.

Courtesy to the Muslim Legal Network for summarising the most important career tips highlighted during the seminar:

  • Know what job you are applying for, and tailor your application respectively;
  • Do not let the fear of vicarious trauma prevent you from dabbling into the human side of law, such as criminal and family law;
  • Always work with legal excellence- know your law well and know the legal processes that you must follow;
  • Be true to yourself. If you’re not comfortable taking on a task or working in a particular field because it doesn’t align with your values, then don’t;
  • Put in hard work and effort, especially during recruitment season. Don’t absent-mindedly memorise five lines from the firm’s website ‘about us’ section. Be genuine and only mention things about the company that you are genuinely interested in.

Always remember, be prepared, be confident and be your best!